Night 23:37

Today have mostly consisted of planning. I wrote some new lyrics and also improved some old ones, to our new songs. We will play them live soon.
TAP also got another crew-member; Olivia. She will join us on this musical journey as the TAP team’s official photographer.
We will soon have a new photoshoot, this will be her first job for us. I have great hope for the outcome of this shoot.

There will be a signing session at our gig at TomCon, so I’m preparing the material that will be offered to get signed. Still thinking of what kind of material it will be, but probably something that have to do with the new promo-material.

Lastly; K – the bassist of TAP now have a blog. Please check it out!
I would love if you all who read this make some noise about our blogs, so we can reach out to more.

That is all.

– Arekusandaa


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