Today, 3/4 members of TAP (Fredrik could sadly not make it) gathered at K’s place together with our new photographer Olivia, to prepare us (getting make up and hair done) and then take some new promotion-pictures.

The shoot went well, and we did get some very nice photos!
It was a bit cold, since its autumn in Sweden now, and it rained on and off, but we managed to keep the sprit up! Everbody looked very fab, haha.

After the shoot was done, we returned back to K’s place, and picked up some cookies on the way there. We also went through the photos, had a good laugh at some off them where we only was fooling and so on. Then SaSa and Olivia left, and it was suppposed to be so for me too.. Buuuut, due to lousy transportcommunications, I got stuck in Malmö, and decided to sleep at K’s place. Soooo we though “lets work on the videomaterial from the shoot, to make a little behind the scenes-video!”

Well, that worked well! ..untill we got some serious malfunction in the videoeditong-program and was forced to give up ( at least for tonight). So instead we watched some BT-videos.

Now is K sleeping (I think) and I’m still awake, hopefully will I also be able to sleep soon.
Going back home tomorrow morning, maybe I’ll show one of the photos of me from todays shoot? 😉


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