It’s relevant.
It’s irrelevant.
Yet, it’s always presence.
Still, it’s always the past.
That moment, that just was future, is not belonging to the past.

However we try to twist and turn it, is there always some kind of time.  There is always a motion through the seconds, that turns to minutes, or that all ready have turned to days, months, year or decades. But is there a “forever”?
I’m not so sure of it. Everything comes to an end, someday. It is possible that it all restarts again, but even the restart must someday come to an end, an end of ends. The final end. Or will it?
There will probably never be any answers to that.

If we count by to the life expectancy, it’s 78 for males.
I’m 19. That means I have 59 years left.
Or that 15% of my lifespan have been used, leaving me with 85% of my life left.
85% seems like much more than 59 years.
And this is calculated on IF I get to be 78 years old.
Personally I don’t think so.
If I am to die tomorrow, what will I be remembered for?
What have I left to the world after my few years?
I may never become remembered as anyone big as the one’s I looked up too, but I will be damned if I don’t try too.

Time is running away from me.
I just need to catch up even more with it. Continue to create, continue to struggle.
There is no such thing as “do it tomorrow instead”, tomorrow may already be to late.

I have made some great things, and if I die tomorrow or tonight, I can still feel a bit of pride and joy.
For everyday that passes, I will constantly continue to wide this gallery of work that have been my “life”.
Av jord är jag kommen och till jord skall jag återgå.
But until my last minute, my work will continue.
Cause I’m not nearly done, and will probably never be.
Death is my deadline.


– Arekusandaa


2 thoughts on “Time

  1. I think while you’re living you leave a print in every people you meet, even if it’s a small one…So… If you die tomorrow, maybe u haven’t done a lot of things for yourself or the world…your print in every one of us remains…that’s how you live forever!

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