“The Arekusandaa Project sees the whole image”

“The Arekusandaa Project sees the whole image”

(Written by Fredrik Magnusson (published in “Lokaltidningen Mellanskåne”, 10.10.2012), translaterad by Arekusandaa.

The Arekusandaa Project is a relatively newly formed band, inspired by the Japanese style “Visual Kei”. Visual Kei is a concept where music, clothes and stage décor together forms something more than the ordinary rock band.

Arekusandaa got in contact with this style through his interest in Japanese culture.
It was mainly through my interest in Japanese history that I first came in contact with this subculture. It was something completely new for me. I had seen some extravagant styles before, but this was something else, a higher form of art, where the artist isn’t locked into doing just one thing, says Arekusandaa.

He describes the style that rose in late1980’s Japan as a mix of punk, glam and heavy metal.
If we look through a musical perspective, a visual kei-band could play pop, metal, or even black metal. It’s about the ambition behind your music that matters, but also to see the whole image on how to combine music, stage clothes and scenery to put on a good show.
We in TAP are very experimental with our music, and even if it mostly based around rock, we’re also influenced by jazz, classical music and heavier forms of metal.

The fan base in Sweden of visual rock-bands reached a peak in 2007, but now days there are fewer fans around, something that Arekusandaa wants to change.
I think there is a possibility for our kinds of band and music to grow bigger. We visual rockers in the Nordic countries try to stick together and help each other.  
Is it better in Japan?
– Visual Kei is still big in Japan, and there is a growing underground-scene as well. Also, the cultural differences play a role in the difference between Japan and Sweden, since it’s more common to go and watch a random band perform in Japan, than it is in Sweden.

The Arekusandaa Project has played some live shows during the past spring, one at a convention for Asian subcultures. This fall brings new live shows. At the 10th of November TAP will perform at the new convention TomCon in Ystad, the band also wishes to spend some time in the studio to record new songs.
In the long terms we want to help establish the visual-scene in Sweden, as well as perform abroad. The goal is to perform in Japan someday. We wish to be a part at the Japanese underground scene.
The bands have already fans in Japan that faithfully follows the progress and sends letters.
You notice how devoted the Japanese fans are to a band. They don’t abandon you for another band, but instead keep supporting you.

The Arekusandaa Project is:
SaSa – vocals, piano
Arekusandaa – guitar, back-up vocals
K – bass, vocals
Fredrik – drums

Photo by Olivia Bröddén



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