Take nothing for granted

Earthly belongings, earthly problems.
Sometimes it feels like some people never is aware of the end we’re all traveling to.
How can they spend so much time, worry for things that actually doesn’t matter, for the consumption they’ve been betrayed by.
I may sound negative, almost only speaking of death lately, but somehow, it’s been a viral subject lately. For me.
Somehow, my eyes have been opened even more than before, for the fact that I, nor anyone else, will live forever. Not that I ever thought so, but death have always been so distant. Like adulthood seemed to be when you were young.
Death could happen anytime. Lately I have been wandering in the awareness that I might soon be gone, as well as I could outlive everyone of my friends. The future is unknown.
I just want to make the most of it. To take care of the limited amount of time I have.
I send a thought to you, everyone who is in pain, who is dying, maybe way before your time actually should have come to an end. I wish for your recovery, and if not possible, to at least find peace before you leave us.
I also think of you, who might read this; take care of your life. Enjoy the things that maybe way to often just passes you by.
Enjoy the fact that you are alive. Take a while to think about the fact that somewhere, there is others, the same age, who isn’t as fortune as you are.
If you have the ability to help a fellow man or woman, boy or girl, do it!
Even if it’s just a smile.
Take nothing for granted.

– Arekusandaa


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