Let’s build a guitar! (Part I)

Since I finished my last guitar-built, the customized Azia Strat (to be seen below), I’ve considered making another guitar. It’s just so much fun!

So, a couple of days ago, I begun sketching up the shape and such, but today I decided to begin the “Hardwork”.

Time to cut out!

Time to go out to the Arekusandaa-workshop!

Draw, draw draw!

So, now the shape have been marked out on the wood.
Time to do some basic shaping!

So, after the first shapinground was over, I decided to glue two of three parts together, so it could dry over night.

So, that was the first part!
I will hopefully get some new tools tomorrow that I’ve ordered, that will make it MUCH easier for me to shape the body of this guitar-to-be.
I will also glue the third part together with the rest of the body.

– Arekusandaa


3 thoughts on “Let’s build a guitar! (Part I)

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  2. This is awesome! Build me a lime green and pink one! I don’t know how to play but this looks sooooooooooo awesome!

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