Let’s build a guitar! (part II)

So, today the project continued!

I  got my new saw today, so together with my father, we sawed out the body.
After we were done, the body looked like this:

“A diamond in the rough”, lol.
So, let’s continue, time to make nicely shaped and smoooooth!

So, after some hard work with the sandpaper, the body got some nice curves and was now smooth and nice, and ready to be painted.
It is necessary in order to get a nice surface on the final product, to have a clean and dry surface.
So, let’s start with the painting!

I begun with a test round on the back.
It turned out good, so I continued onto painting the whole body.

Here is the front after a couple of layers (3-4?) .
It’s good to remember to spray/paint the color in very thin layers, since you’ll need to use the sandpaper in between, and the paint will dry A LOT faster. The results will get better. 🙂

After this I withdraw for today; tomorrow I’ll put on a couple of layers more until I’m satisfied.
Hopefully I’ll also get the other parts: the neck, the microphones, pots/electronics and the other “details” the I’m missing in order to complete the guitar.

Hang in there for part III ! 😉

– Arekusandaa


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