Its been almost a week now since TAP played at TomCon and I thought it was about time to update this blog about it.

Overall it was a pretty hectic day, but that is just boring to read  about, so let’s skip to the fun: TAP was back on stage for the first time since KodachiCon (which was in frikkin MAY!), so yeah it felt GREAT to once again meet the audience!
I can say that this was probably our best gig so far, and the future looks promising.
We presented some new songs (set list is below): “Children of the Universe”, “SCREAM”, “Transformation”  and “Freakshow”. I think they all made a pretty good impression on the audience, and also shows how much TAP can vary in sound from one song to another, and that’s just what I want: the music shall be vivid.

Set list:
Deconstruction [Part I]
Children of the Universe
Autumn Rain


Me and K


SaSa and me

All photos by Olivia Brödden

Resume: TomCon was a blast, more photos at out official Facebook-page!


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