L:gance N°1

So, I actually finished this guitar a couple of weeks ago, I just had no time to update this blog about it.
You can read the previous two parts here:
Part I

Part II

In this post, I will shortly present the workflow and tell you a little about the guitar I named “L:gance N°1” with a lot of pictures. 😀

Above is a picture featuring some parts of the workflow.


Roughly sawed out and then glued body


First layer of paint


On the back, first layer of paint


The microphones (3 x singlecoils), switch, tone- and volume-knobs.
After I soldered all the parts.


Maple neck with ebony fretboard


Routing and resoldering.
Still not sure where I would place the output..
I later put a nice back-cover over this to cover the mess, haha.

DSC00430Everything in it’s right place!


The L:gance N°1 (left) and my B.C. Rich Mockingbird (right)


After that I tried the guitar, and noticed that everything worked out great, I disassembled the guitar, painted and fixed some details, to then mount it back together again.
I also finally decided where to put the output-jack. As you can see, I placed it on the pick-guard, at the tone- and volume-controls.
I also added the necessary strap-knobs, so I could play the guitar standing.
The guitar did as well get a printing on the head saying L:gance N°1.



And with this, I finish this post.
Thanks for reading.


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