So, Christmas is now over. In Sweden we celebrate xmas on the  24th, and in usual manners, I celebrated with my family at home.
Got some sweet gifts from my sisters, a plushie that is so cute, and a great pick-holder from my other sister. Very practical!
In November I bought myself a violin for Christmas, and kindly, my father and mother decided to pay a part of its cost. They’re so kind!
After all the food, I now feel much like a “chubby-chibi”. But so does probably much of the Swedish population as well.

I send my deepest thoughts to the one’s who had to celebrate alone, even if they would have been with someone. Loneliness is not always a choice you make..

Anyhow, I hope you who reads this had a nice holiday, non-depending on if you are celebrating Christmas or not.


2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Violin? Really? I used to play for like 15 years! You have a much cooler violin than I ever did though lol (I’m kinda jealous, but I can’t play anymore 😦 )

    • Yeah! I’ve been wanting to learn to play violin for ages, but never took myself together enough to actually begin!
      Wow! I guess you can play well then? ^_^
      Haha, well it’s an electric violin, I guess it looks cooler cuz of that?

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