A chronicle of 2012

I’ve been writing a chronicle for every year since I was old enough to write.
Sadly, I’ve lost most of em. Not that it matters, I mostly wrote them for my own sake.
But I still hold onto this little tradition. So here is 2012.

When 2011 turned to 2012, I was still studying at Katedralskolan with History as main-subject.
TAP was just formed, after I searched for the right members for half a year. I just meet SaSa, K, and even if I and Fredrik knew each others since before, we never really.. knew each others, haha. But a year later, it has improved over expectations!

TAP begun rehearsing..

and soon begun to play live.
_MG_1408First liveshow

The live-shows of 2012 have been such a blast, and it’s nice to look back and see how we have improved so much over just one year.
_DSC0136Dunkers, third liveshow

555284_10150882533233117_718603116_9819391_1124838744_nFourth show, FIRST ONE MAN-live, KodachiCon
DSC_0122Second ONE MAN-live, TomCon
DSC_0264Second ONE MAN-live, TomCon

It’s not a surprise that most of my memories will be related to music (and TAP) in any forms, since it’s mostly this I have devoted my time to.  Through music I have also made stuff I never thought I would. Like playing at two (!) conventions, and going to a studio TOGETHER with a band. 8D

And I have much thanks to my band members not completely lost my sanity. Thanks, for being here with me, even if Me>Band sometimes is much like this photo:

One of the most memorable things from this year will probably be you, who reads this.
Sure, I had some fans from my time as only a solo-artist, but this year, I have truly got to experience how it feels to have an amazing support in your back. From the feedback and support we gained on Twitter and Facebook, to the cute and sweet gifts we received; I have truly learnt that fans make my and our work so much rewarding. And my wish is for this support to grow, for every day, so that more people can get to know and listen to TAP.


So, on another note. 2012 was yet another year my mood went up-and-down, and even worse than I ever experienced before.
The simple lesson is, I am my own worst enemy. May sound harsh, but that’s it. And the only way to feel better in the future, is to accept that I will probably always have this problems. It is my way to handle them, that will make a difference. So far, music is a great  therapy. I don’t give any new years promises, but if I have to, it will be: “In 2013, I will continue to live.”

So, what else happened in 2012?
Well, I worked on my solo-music  released a compilation album of my works from 2007-2012, and announced that I will release my 5th album in 2013, so far called “Tillbaka till Skuggorna”.
I graduated from the education I mentioned earlier. I then took the rest of  2012 off to focus on other things than studies, such as music and working part-time. But, I will return to a new education 2013, starting off early January.  Will study maths, juridic and marketing, to later advance to the university, probably in the autumn off next year. But that’s not really decided yet. AND HEY, this is a chronicle over 2012, not 2013. Shame on me.

I met a lot of great people, and a shitload of others that deserved various amounts of bullets in their heads.

“Depression makes great music. Or a dead musician.”

I begun writing on my book, hopefully I’ll be done with it sometimes next year. Then comes the process of translating it to English :’D
Haha. I hope I have more inspiration to write, since it’s something I like doing.

2012 was the year I started building my own guitars.

DSC00434L:Gance No:1

But there is always sunlight. Friends, lovers, family.

And the undoubtfull truth in that I will never pretend to be someone I’m not.
Stay true.

Take care, have a blast, don’t kill yourself and try to live as much as you can.

/ Arekusandaa


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