So, the year kicked off as always with January, no surprises here!

I spent the first days of the year with my family, well spent time.
Then it was back to reality, and what a reality 2013 is, and hopefully, will be!

I have return to school,  only for like half a year, but still. If you’re curious about the subjects, I can be nice and tell you that it is as vivid as my music! I take classes in law, math, marketing, higher level English and finally a class in Information and Communication.
Quite a busy man now days, haha. And this is done beside my activity’s in TAP and my solo-project. Sometimes I feel like I need some extra hours on my watch, and sometimes.. well, I wish there was no time at all.

Speaking of TAP, we played our first live show for the year on 18th of January.
You can view some kick-ass video footage from the live below!


And here is some sweet photos of me and my fellow friends in TAP:


(The Arekusandaa Project)

K (ba.)


Arekusandaa (gt.)


Fredrik (dr.)

Arekusandaa (gt.)


SaSa (vo.)


Arekusandaa (gt.) and K (ba.)


So, any favorit-picture? I sure has one, haha! ^.^

Anyhow, so TAP are participating in a Swedish competition called “Livekarusellen”. They arrange concerts, and we have the ability to win more performances, on bigger stages.  We’re only in it for the fun of it, and to gig some for people we would probably not see otherwise, but it would be awesome if we won! Haha.

Next gigs:

  • 2013-02-11 Fäladsgården, LUND
  • 2013-03-05 Spyken, LUND

We also have some exciting news for this summer, and some great plans.. But you’ll get to know, when the time is right!
I can also hint you one other thing:

KajsaAny guesses? ;D Haha.
So, we’re ready to bring you even more this year than 2012. It’s going to be exciting, ‘aight?!

On another note: I was very ill last week. Probably caught whatever Olivia (TAP’s photographer) had since the movie night with TAP, cause some days after I had a very high fever and lost my ability to speak. Not that very nice if you’re such a talker like me!
But, around a week later, I’m restored. The fever is gone since this past weekend, and I can finally continue the work that went on pause during the past week. I hate to be unable to work, haha!

Next Monday is gig, as you may have seen on the chart above, and I’m kinda concerned about my dear band-members  as they’re sick. I sure wish for their soon recovery!

Last but not least, no thoughts about death and misery this time. Instead, I can tell you that I’m working on some new improvements for my stage wear!

That’s all for now, take care!



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