Påskägg and “är det där Buddha?!”

PåskPåskägg (easter egg) of the year – same as every year.
Candy and candy in “lagom” amounts. 😉

DSC00605I found some old stamps that I’ve got from my father long ago. From Japan.
I thought they looked pretty neat, so I put ’em on the back of my guitar, haha.
Seems like I’ve got more and more sticker on the back of that thing for every day!
But I would probably never put stickers on the front, at least not on this one. Maybe on a more “punk”-guitar.. That seems more fitting.

On another note: I broke the 1000-followers bar on Twitter just the other day, thank you! I do not find it useful to brag about such a thing, but I’m really happy that so many have found my Twitter enough interesting to follow, haha.

Happy Easter!


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