Party with birthday kid and SNAKE

This weekend, I went on an adventure.
Since it was K’s birthday this past Saturday, I got up in the saddle and went to the big city that is Malmö.
K served delicious cake, we drank beer, and listened to QUEEN.

Later on, after getting our hair done, we took the train, heading to a party in just the outside of Lund.
It was a pretty big party for being in a apartment, with mostly strangers. Bumped into a couple of familiar faces from my stays in Lund, nice!
Btw, they served us rainbow-cake!

I spent mostly of the evening introducing visual kei to some, talking about TAP, disusing music, drinking dark and delicious beer and heavy duty drinks.
I ALSO, had the pleasure of getting more familiar with a pair of snakes, since the girl throwing the party, owns two cute snakes!

The snake-whisperer Areku!

However, we continued to party until the sun went up, then headed back to Malmö, and ate pizza.

I spent the Sunday with an old friend, David, and played some video-games, and ate.. yes, pizza!
Monday was: going home, relax, and replace some parts of the roof on the stable.

Oh, this fabulous “rocker-life”, yurgh!


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