What happened in May?

So, it’s June now, and I see that it’s more than a month since I last updated. Puh. I promise to write more often!
At the moment, my Swedish blog at the site Emocore.se (http://www.emocore.se/Arekusandaa/blogg) is more updated, and I want to change that, since most of our fans doesn’t even speak Swedish, haha!

Last week of April I went to a party with friends.

May started off with me honoring one of my biggest inspirations.

Later on, the world got to know why TAP is named after me:

Areku (dr.), Areku (vo.), Areku (gt.) and Areku (ba.) 

We also released a new video, a compilation of some never before seen videos from our liveshows, set to the music of our first demo-single


What did you think? ^^ I bet not many of you have seen that old rehearsal-footage before!


I also bought me new photo-equipment, that I wanted for a long time, but never really got my hands off to get.
It’s the Nikon F80 ( a film-camera).

Picture from the auction


Above is it once I got it home, and mounted one of my favorite lenses; the Pentacon 28mm f/2,8 !
And below is my whole family oc camera, ranging from fully manual, all the way to modern digital SLR!

There have also been quite a lot of rehearsal lately! And last I counted, TAP now have 14 songs, plus one that is almost done polished!
That is more than the average album! And ofc we’re thinking everyday of hitting the studio. So look forward to that!

K with her beloved Zingo!


Rehearsing! Or, rather me singing the lyrics for SaSa!

Me & K (The Arekusandaa Project) x Domyoji(道明寺春斗) x SEIKE (Kerbera)

Both I and SaSa have talked with SEIKE for a while, and though that our bands should meet, since we’re all active with bands in the Visual Kei-genre here in Sweden, and it’s always nice to meet a fellow musician. Some weekends ago, SEIKE was in Lund to guest KodachiCon (yes, the same convention that TAP played its first oneman-live at last year!) with the G-HOST group.
So we decided to meet. Unfortunately couldn’t SaSa or Freddie come with us, but me and K had a pleasant meeting with SEIKE, and we talked about some rather fun plans for the future. I think you who read this should keep track of our bands, to see what the future might bring! 😉

I received this pretty gift last week, it’s a necklace from the up-and-coming indie-designer at Darkest Lias.
The design is made just for me, and I’m happy to wear it! 

For more of this brand:


After a long time of questions and requests about where to send letters and gifts, i’m happy to announce that (at least) during June, we’ll have a fan mail-address set up for you!
If you want to send me, or the band-members, a letter/gift, just send me a message, and I’ll tell you the address! ^^
Easiest contact is:
And since it’s my birthday on the  18th of June, many fans also wanted to send gifts for that. ^^ I’ve already gotten some sweet messages from around the world, I’m happily awaiting their letters! ^^/

Oh btw, summer finally came to Sweden!

I think this will do for this time. There is more to write, but I’ll take that in a later post!



2 thoughts on “What happened in May?

  1. Super jealous of the camera! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! When do I get to meet the band? 🙂 KamariWorld Loves TAP!!! 🙂

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