Let’s go to Uppsala | TAP news soon coming up

As SaSa already wrote in her blog, she and I will visit Uppsala, as well as the Swedish capital Stockholm, this summer. We’ve been planning a trip there for quite a while now, since SaSa’s born in Storvreta (a town just a bit north of Uppsala) and me myself have been quite attached to and spent much time in Uppsala since my teen years. So we thought it was on time to pay a visit to our old domains, haha!

Anyhow, since we were to visit SaSa’s hometown Storvreta during the stay, we decided to go there during the time of the convention StorCon.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll make sure to catch our pals in Overworld live, as they’re playing at the convention. Since it was more than half a year since last time we had time to meet up (over some drinks, heh), it will be nice re-seeing the guys and girl of Overworld.

If that’s not enough, Kitcha’s (who also went out with us out last year) band Crestillion will play live, as well as the Finnish VK-band Jenlayn, not to mention that SEIKE (ex. Seremedy) from KERBERA will be a host on the convention.
With other words, it will be one big collection of Visual Rock-band(member)s from Sweden and Finland!

On another note; during the visit, SaSa and I will take time to do some promotion for TAP, and some of the new stuff we’ve been hinting about during the last months. This will be the first steps into the future of this band.
Please look forward to future announcement from the band.

Anyhow, any fans of TAP who sees me and SaSa, don’t be afraid to say hi!
See you there? ^_^


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