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I noticed that I’ve updated my Swedish blog about the past week, but not my English one. And that is not fair; mostly since most of my fans won’t get that much Swedish. Förlåt för det.

Anyhow, I’m actually gonna start off a little bit earlier than this week; so for thoose of you who just want to read about how TAP entered the studio, keep scrolling. 😉


My outfit for Oskars graduation

The week before, I visited my old friend Oskars graduation. And even though we haven’t seen each others in pretty much exactly one year, it felt like yesterday. I also meet some other friends from my time at Katedralskolan, where I read for three years with History as my major subject.
We catched up over drinks, beer, wine, more beer, more wine, splendid food, and more drinks, and had a marvelous time.

Afterwards, we went out to a club in Lund, and pretty much partied all night. I lost my phone-strap while dancing, a little sad. Poor Pikachu.


NOW, back to TAP business, and I assure you – its been plenty of that this past week!


Monday:  First day in the studio! I’ve probably been near so much expensive equipment ever before. That, in combination with a well trained person to mix for us, will most likely result in the best sounding recordings you’ve heard from us yet! Look forward to it!
Anyhow, the first day was drums and bass. Fredrik went all in and played really great, so did K.
Here is a short video-tour of the control-room!

Tuesday: My birthday.  I spent it with my family, not big party or anything, just me and my nearest loved ones. I did enjoy opening a lot of fanmail!
Below is a spam of that.
DSC00789DSC00793 DSC00792 DSC00794 DSC00795 DSC00796 DSC00797 DSC00798 DSC00799I’m so happy for all of your lovely letters and gifts! I feel so happy, to have such amazing fans like the ones of TAP! ❤

Wednesday: So today was back to the studio, time for me to record guitars. And boy, did I enjoy that? Oh yes I did!
We experimented quite a lot with the details, and the overall sound of the songs, and I’m very pleased to say that it have probably never sounded better than now!

This was my amp of the day, a fierce looking Orange-amp. I really dig the sound of these amps.

Here is a studio  diary-video from the studio that K shot:

Thursday: Time for another studio! But this time it was a photo-studio, where our photographer from CHIRO 血ろ Photography took some really great new promo-pictures of us. She’s such a talented photographer, and I highly admires her works, so it was an honor to have her take my photos.
Here is a couple of “behind-the-scene-pics”  from the shoot!  I also got a very nice birthday-gift from K and Freddie: a lovely black mirror!
are ArekuSaSa BNMcoysCIAAU0kD freddie K pony


Puh, feels like I missed out on a lot of info, but at least it’s pretty much a great overlook. We still having some major thing to announce, so see this just as teasers!

Speaking of teasers, the band just released a Digital Photobook called:

In Memoriam – 「Re~Sur~Rexi」- MMXI – MMXIII

and I think you should all go check it out! 😉

We’re just two likes away from 1200 now. THANK YOU!

Anyhow, look forward to the new songs, the new photos, and even more: The new beginning. See ya!


One thought on “Party, studio, birthday, studio, studio

  1. Looks like you had a ton of fun! Still shipping my gifts off… I’m a bit late… sorry for that! Crazy tour and all! (hope you understand!) I love the black mirror! 🙂 (better guard that when I come hahaha) Are you ready to teach me some instruments? 🙂 Come to LA soon please! It needs some more crazy Swedes like myself (ok I’m some swedish but still…) running around! lol

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