Uppsala! Avalinity!

So, here’s the long awaited blog-post about my and SaSa trip to Uppsala!

As I’ve previously mentioned in my blog, me and SaSa have planned for a long time to visit Uppsala, partly since SaSa used to live there when she was younger, and partly since I spent a lot of time there in my teen-years. When we so got to hear about a convention called StorCon, that was to be held in SaSa’s old hometown Storvreta, it was decided when to travel.
So here’s the great story about an even greater adventure ~dramatic music~

So, this past Thursday I took my bags and traveled to Sasa’s place.

Once there, we worked with some band-business. As many of you may have seen already, my band The Arekusandaa Project changed its name to Avalinity. You can read all about it HERE!
We also published some teaser-pictures from our new photoshoot, as well as the news about us recoring TWO singles in the studio!


Theese two songs will be the first to be released under the new name Avalinity.

After such great adventures, it was early to bed, since we had to wake up at 4:00 A.M the day after…


We took the 5:20 train from Lund, and arrived safely in Uppsala before Lunch!

Uppsala Centralstation

After we arrived (safely) to Uppsala, we spent some time dropping of our luggage in an apartment, but soon we was of for some nostalgic!




We also visited (according to SaSa) Upplands best coffee-place!


Ater our little sighting-tour in centrum, we got back to the apartment, and then it was time to visit StorCon.
Me and SaSa had just entered the area, when we encountered a wild Endigo! He showed us the way backstage, where we met the dudes of Crestillion (Swedish Oshare Kei), who was getting ready for their show later the same night. After some encouraging words we were on our way around the area again, meeting up an old friend of mine since my Uppsala-days, Sanna. It was so nice seeing her again!

After that, we saw Crestillion play live, well done boys!

Then it was back to Uppsala and SLEEP. After 22 hours awake, it was well deserved.

The day started off with some more nostalgic sightseeing, this time it was Sasa who showed me around her old neighborhood. Sadly I didn’t get to meet any of the horrible creatures in the woods. 😦
After that tour, we entered the convention again, met up with Sanna, and enjoyed some ice cream. Or “glarre”.

We met  SEIKE and DeshinabuYORU very briefly during the day. Took some time to check out SEIKE’s new brand of clothing, looking promising!
Other random encounters: Andie and Kaz from Overowld, bananananana!

Also, we met a nice lad named Howard, who sold us an Alpaca! It was later given to Olivia, our photographer, for her great works and being such a good friend! Have you given her recently mad page a like yet? If not, click HERE!

One reason we also made this journey, was to spread the word about Avalinity. So some time was spent handing out flyers, meeting fans, taking photos with them, as well as signing thing. I think the wierdest thing I signed was a pair of pants!

After that, it was time to watch our colleagues in Jenlayn perform live!

Very well played guys!

After the gig I did chat some with OBI (ba.), very nice lad!

Overworld entered the stage.

Last time I met these folks was last autumn, so it was a real bummer to miss out on the after party with them, Crestillion and Jenlayn, but some other things came between. Some other time!


The picture below kinda sums up the day..

But the day wasn’t all fun and games (hihi), so we went to a mall, that has grown LARGE since my last visit, in order to find Sora x Riku.
They were found, and I found a silvery fancy necklace. DAT combo.

Beside this, sunday was: Persian food, Kingdom Hearts, and packing dem bags.

Today was the time to travel home, but since our train didn’t leave Stockholm until the evning, we decided to wander around in Stockholm for a while.

Aaa, das  Reichstags-house. Last time I was here was.. 2011? To got a price from the Swedish minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt.(Yepp, I’m STILL milking that story. Need to win something new!)

Down to “Gamla Stan”

Street jazzzzzz, me like!

Bye bye Stockholm!

Two tired rockers on the train!

Of course, we encountered delays..

Dinner deluxe~

Just in time for midnight was I home again. Oh, how I missed my own bed! And my guitar! Sweet reunion!

StorCon was a nice convention, would like to play there next year! Sadly, in the usual convention-spirits, there wasn’t anywhere near the time to talk with everybody, and the chats was often short; BUT we did meet some sweet fans, gained some very new ones, and had a nice time seeing other who loves to do just the same as us: play music, being visual rockers.
Uppsala was nice re-seeing, and I hope it won’t be 3 years again until my next visit! The same goes for  Stockholm.

….and, it wasn’t all to dreadful to travel with SaSa as company! It was even bearable!
Just kidding, kiddo. It was nice.  ❤


7 thoughts on “Uppsala! Avalinity!

  1. Aww poor SaSa. Good thing I didn’t see this before I sent your surprise, or I may have sent it to SaSa lol 😉 Sounds like you had an amazing time! Can’t wait til you guys get to LA! HURRY UP!!!!

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