Avalinity Official Facebook! -IMPORTANT-

So, as you deer Avalins might already have heard, we’ve had some problems with Facebook. When we officially changed name from The Arekusandaa Project to Avalinity, we thought that we would be able to change the name of our, at that time, current FB-page.
That was not the case.
After doing a lot of reserach, trying to contact Facebbok, but without any signs of success. Facebook does simply not allow a page with 200+ likes, to change the name. The URL is ok to change, but NOT the name. Oh, how I cursed them for this!
But we saw no other ay out, than to simply start a new page.
It can be found here:

Since TAP have over 1200+ likes, it’s kind of a mess to make every single one of them aware of this change, but we’re working hard to let everybody know what’s happening. You who read this can help, by posting on Facebook about it, re-directing people to the new page.

Below is the official statement:

“We are sorry to announce that due to some of the limits Facebook has put up we cannot change the name of this page to our bands new name.
Therefore we have come to the decision to start a new Facebook page.


We have never needed our Avalins as much as we do now.
Please if you wish to keep supporting us; like our new page and share it with all of your friends. That will mean the world to us.
Since we know this is much to ask for we want to thank everyone that does what is said above.
So if you have liked our new page and shared it with your friends send us a message (any band member or the Avalinity page, it doesn’t matter who you chose to send the message too) and we will put you up for a little give away!
Some of the things that will be given out to the lucky ones are signed photos, personal songs or maybe a little meet and great with one of the members on Skype!


We hope we will see you all again at our new page!



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