Friday-beer: “Double Chocolate Stout” by Young’s & Co






As you may, or may not, know that when it comes to beer, I prefer types called “porter” or “stout”. The difference between those two is narrow, but shortly a stout is often black, and a porter is more brown’ish. A porter is also a little bit lighter in the taste, than a stout.
Anyhow, as I want to gain more knowledge about these kinds of beer, I decided to try some new ones. I will write about those in the “beer” category.

First out is the “Double Chocolate Stout” by Young’s & Co.
500ml bottle, alc 5,2%.

The bottle is what first struck my attention when I walked into the store. Side note: in Sweden, the government have monopoly on selling alcohol to the consumers. We have a special store, called “Systembolaget”, just for alcohol.
You can still, beside that, buy drinks, beer and so on out on clubs, but the only STORE that sells this, is Systembolaget.

Well, back to the bottle. It have a small piece of elegance to it, but not to much. Simple, but nice.

The taste: Well if it is something that the bottle told me (or so I thought) was that this would taste, or at least have a hint, of chocolate.
NO, incorrect. Even though the beer tasted great, the promised taste(or smell..) of chocolate was not there.
But beside that, I have nothing to complain about; it had a great dark taste to it (you can see that it’s pitch black), with hints of roasted coffee.


2 thoughts on “Friday-beer: “Double Chocolate Stout” by Young’s & Co

  1. Yum! Sounds awesome! I too like dark beer, I hate the lighter stuff… and I despise American beer colored water (as I call it lol)

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