Code Geass – PUDDING

So you might have read SaSa’s blog about her feelings regarding the anime mentioned in the title above, so I won’t go that into plot or such.
This won’t be long, just a short thing about some of my favorite chars, beside the main ones.
WARNING – There might be spoilers in this post, be aware.

As you may, or may not know, I’m far from  a frequent watcher of anime. I’m actually not a huge consumer of movies at all, even though I have periods where I can watch a bunch a week, it does not happen often. In other words – it does take to make me watch something, even more if it’s a series.

So when SaSa introduced me to Code Geass after she begun watching it, I was skeptical. But since me and her share taste in many kinds when it comes to art, I of course gave it a shot. And I’m glad I did!
I haven’t watched any anime since I did a marathon-watching of Black Butler (love that serie) back in 2011, but I got just as hooked this time. After the first episode I thought: this is GOOD. I finished watching this yesterday, spamming a certain vocalist with my opinions. And even though it was a tearful ending, it was one hell of a great ending!

So take my word for it: go watch Code Geass!

Anyhow, this will be a little appreciation-post for some of the memorable characters, that SaSa  didn’t mention in her blog, and that overall left me with an impression.

First off, MR EARL OF PUDDING aka Lloyd 

Beside from being a total sociopath (like mentioned above) his dry Brittish humor made me laugh every time.

Next, is KALLEN 

This is one hell of a fighter!

Last for this one (I said this wouldn’t be long) is.. CC!


The girl who finally learned to live. So much to say, but I can not find enough words – I adore this character.


I said this would’t be long, right?
On a final note: I’m happy I saw this anime. It thrilled me with its characters, plot (yay for the historical references *geek*) and nicely performed animations.


One thought on “Code Geass – PUDDING

  1. Not a big consumer of movies or tv :o! This must change… well as long as you watch all mine, I’ll be happy hahahah Is that a deal? lol

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