The unavoidable truth

The unavoidable truth, is running by my side.
Ignorance, is it a slow acceptances? Is it a lost case, or is it just seen as one in the presence, the “now”.
Nothing is set in stone, and things changes all around, but the mind is foolish, some would maybe even say ignorant; it throws away logic.
It sets fear into work; not fear of death, nor shadows. Fear of things that could have been done differently.
But why do it ignore the different settings surrounding what set expectations? The illogical feelings, not always, but in relatable cases, that consumes and corrupts.

It seeks possibilitys or just make belief.
Joy, happiness, that wasn’t expected – how come it can change ones mind, in such a short time.
“Maybe better, to be without.”

Was it sand, sand of time, that I got thrown in my eyes, to help me pay attention, to see, that time is something moving, never a constant.
Visible or not, there will always be signs, signs to change, or signs to accept the presence as it is.
Doubt, about the unsure, yet unavoidable, that the the world lays down, and therefore doubt is just a natural result.

The external subject and environments, does it affect, does it inflict, or does it simply just exist.
Doubt, there is, regarding the last. Everything effects another – a hilarious case of “Butterfly Effect”.


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