Whats up (lot’s of pictures)

DSC00921Outfit for rehearsal, a week or so ago

So, I thought about updating you about what happened since last time.
I’ve got some cute fan-mail from USA and Japan:

From Stephanie

From Misaki!

On a more sad note: my old telly broke a couple of weeks ago, and I still mourn this loss. I bought it for my first paycheck ever, when I was around 12 or so.
So it had been with me for a while now; mostly I’ve spent numerous hours playing video-games and watching live-dvd’s. For now, I still have my DS Lite, if I want to play games.

You will be missed. ❤

After I finished watching Code Geass that SaSa introduced me to, I found out that there is some games made for the DS!
This one is a mini-game based one, and was pretty entertaining! ^_^/

I won!!

A nice piece of fanart I got recently, made by a girl named Monica. ^^

However, if we jump to more recent happenings, I went to a party yesterday, when an old friend of mine celebrated his birthday.
Tthere was a lot of both known and unknown faces, but they were all very nice, and I had a good time, heh.
DSC00948DSC00949Sake and tasty beer!

And in the middle of my socializing with pretty people, some band-business appeared. As a band-leader, I’m never off work.  ;P
But it was some very exciting stuff, maybe you’ll soon hear about it! ^_^
DSC00950I can assure you, I didn’t drink all of them. Promise.

On another note; I’ve had pretty many good ideas lately about clothing and such that I would like to make and wear, so I begun working with some new pieces  a couple of days ago. It’s a pair of pants, as well as two or three shirts that I’m wanting to make.

DSC00937My all own, trusty, sewing-machine! ❤

I hope I can share these new designs with you as soon as they’re done!


We just uploaded two video to our YouTube-channel this past week! The first one out is a Q and A-video, where I answer questions that was sent in from fans to me. I’m very happy for all the questions I got, and even though I didn’t have the time to answer near all of them, I hope you’ll enjoy!
And excuse the sometimes bad lightning..

Next one up for  this kind of video is our bass-player K. You can send her questions to her Twitter or Facebook-profile, as well as to our official FB-page!

The next video is from our latest photoshoot! It’s a little behind-the-scenes-video, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!


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