Here we go again (update)

It have been a while since I last wrote, but that is quite obvious.
Here is a sum-up, with no chronologically order:

Avalinity have an upcoming live show at HarukaCon, you can buy your tickets here!
We will be playing on the 7th of September, so make sure to be there!

I’ve made a Q&A-video, and so has K!

I spent a lovely Friday in the company of the lovely miss Olivia!
Not only was she a great chef (what you see on the plates is hers, and partly mine, creation), she also was a worthy opponent in the sport of chess!

We spent the evening/night with playing chess, drinking fine beer and wine, as well as watching Harry Potter!

I ordered, and also finally got, a new phone!
After much consideration, I decided to replace my old follower (the Sony Ericsson Xperia 8) with something more.. less stone-age.
I’m a big fan of tech, but I also like to use my tech until it.. well.. fall apart. And since my X8 had decided to begin with dropping out its connection, it was time for something new.  And the choice did after a lot o thinking end up with this:

Yes, the iPhone 4S. A very delicate gadget.
With this technical improvement, I want to tell you about the places I’m active on:

So make sure to give me a follow! 

On other news, I’ll be attending university this fall. I will spend a semester at the Philosophical Institution, just for my interest in the named subject. I hope it will be as I hope!



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