HarukaCon 2.0

This past saturday, we played our first live as AVALINITY.  Even though this was far from the first concert with this band, it was the first under the new name.
HarukaCon 2.0 was in Karlskrona, Blekinge.
Here is a short video from before and after the gig:

Some pictures:

bild (3)

Me and SaSa on the train up
This trip reminded me of our trip to Uppsala earlier this summer~

bild (2)
Panorama on the stage, while the equipment was getting in place.

We had a good time at the convention, even though we didn’t get to use the piano as promised, it was probably the best gig we’ve done so far!
A big thumbs up to the nice sound technician who did our sound-check, and to the lovely fans who came up afterwards for a little talk; I hope we’ll meet soon again! ^__^/

Like any other rockstars, we also had bodyguard: VALLE – the samurai!


After the gig, that went superb, we all went to get pizza, and then took the train back home. And what happened on the the train.. well.. that will never leave that train, haha!

bild (1)

After what felt like ages, we was back in Lund. Me and Olivia did quite spontaneously decide to have a sleepover at her place. We also filmed this horror movie at the grocery store before heading of to her place:
Once at her place, we eat bacon-chips and played Spyro, which was nice; such a cozy game! Even though I hate feathers.. 
Then discussed super-serious topics (I promise we did).  Since it was late, we soon got tired and went to sleep. (Once I woke up tha day after, I felt totally crushed and tired though T__T..) 
And THAT was our day before, at and after, HarukaCon.

We had our crew with us, which means both photos from CHIRO and video from Umut. Keep your eyes open!


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