Shrimp guitar punx

Last time I wrote anything here was after our gig at HarukaCon.
It’s now a month since our gig there, time flies.

Starting off with stuff regarding AVALINITY: K is still in HK, and seems to have wonderful time over there! I hope that she’ll soon blog about it 😉
Make sure to check her blog, Facebook and Twitter in the meantime!

Some other happenings:

I visited and hang out with SaSa.
It was a lot of Asian music, sweeeeets, hot coco, but also some great music-making-superb-action!
We kind off just wrote a whole song during the day (even though I had some riffs prepared since before), hopefully you’ll soon get to hear it!
This new song have the working-title “STUPID” and is just another dimension of what AVALINITY have to offer. Even though me and SaSa have written music some times before (Deconstruction, Kavir, etc), this was the first time we really sat down and wrote the lyrics together.
And if your taste is as good as mine and SaSa’s, you’ll love this song!
Also, it was nice to just hang out, since we mostly just been seeing each others during rehearsals and concert lately.
And not to forget that she served great food, with mysterious berries!
The day after that, I visited my friend and Avalinity-crew member Olivia, to dive into some gaming, drinking, eating and cooking, in the reverse order.

Some tasty food; chicken, pasta, shrimps, crab-sticks and clams. To this, I brought some bottles of the the brew “Stella Artois”, a really good beer from Belgium. After that, it was dedication to Spyro all the way!
Until.. we grown tired of dragons, and decided to watch “The Hobbit”.
GREAT movie. And boy, the quality?! Crazy..
I do look forward to the next part!

What more..
Well, as some of you might know, I’m studying at Lunds University now, and had my first exam this past Saturday.
I find it intellectually stimulating to study there, and my plans is to continue studying there in the future as well.

Also, I’ve decided to use AREKU as a stage-name from now on. Arekusandaa is still my formal/official name, but you can all just call me Areku from now on. ^^/

I’ve also released a mysterious video regarding my solo-works.

Until next time, have a good one!


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