Dinners – in the name of Halloween!

For those of you who follows me on Twitter, Instagram and maybe especially my Swedish blog, may know this already:
But I seems to eat a lot of dinners.
And that, sure is true!


But before I enlighten you, I shall announce that last Friday, Avalinity had its first rehearsal in a long time. Both me and SaSa have been working on a whole lot of new songs (meaning: we’ve spammed each others with demos) , so it feels great to start working with those songs!
I’ve had a troublesome mind lately, and felt blue a lot, so it feels good to have the pack back.

Then, the Saturday after, I payed a visit to Olivia, whom invited me over for a Halloween-dinner before her departure to London.

After a mummifyingly  good dinner accompanied by beer, to the soundtrack  of Corpse Bride, I poured us some drinks, Like a Lincoln, and we moved onto the first movie of the night; “Sweeney Todd

I must say, it was a fair long while since I last saw that movie, but boy, it was just as great as I remembered (and forgotten) it!
After that, it was time for the next movie: “The Unfortunate Events of the Baudelaire Orphans” accompanied by cupcakes. 
This is one I haven’t seen before, but I do sure regret it, as it was just great!
Olivia also made certain that I would turn into Count Olaf once I grew old.. Hum.. I can see the resemblances..

Well oh well, after the movies and a stroll through the forgotten city, we recited the the chambers to play “Fahrenheit”, and I miss say that I’m getting real tired of your shit Tyrome!
(Even though his name actually is Tyler..)
Truly marvelous night!

And so, it was Sunday.
I think I listened a lot to Sisters of Mercy.. Do you like them?The Monday, and along came the storm Simone. But I had a dinner to attend, and no class 3 (later class 2) storm would keep me away, beside from maybe coming home again. I just needed some magic first!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE_uG1xlp8M
So through fallen trees, stormy highways and vicious winds, I made my way towards the residency of SaSa!
I arrived without harm, beside from my dear umbrella who had to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep me dry. Sadly, I still had to polish up my make-up.. BUT, once that was out of the way, the party could begin!The guests consisted of me, SaSa and Fredrik from Avalinity, our support-bassist Kaz~, as well as some friend from SaSa’s school. It was quite a mix, haha!
So, the dinner! The star was chicken, followed by a dessert of chocolate- and pumpkin-cake! But not in the same cake, of course.
Marvelous dinner in any case!
It was decided to dine in their conservatory, were we talked about even more than I can remember. We shared a god portion of laughs, me and Kaz~ played a word-game in Japanese (I lost….) and discussed Visual Kei-music, which is always interesting since I do favor the whole 89-93 period, and her taste is of a more modern kind.
It was a great dinner, and I’m glad to have such friends!
With our bellies filled, and the clock slowly beginning to run late, the state of food-coma and ordinary tiredness sat in.  Since the announcement of the storm and thereby the impossible act of me getting home again that night, I was offered to stay at The Olivia In.
I was offered a ride from a nice gal named Petra, whom dropped me of in Olivias neighborhood where I so spent the night.Since then, the week have passed until now, the day of Halloween. 
And I am no worse than the rest of you, so I made the day spooky(ly tasty!) with this:

I can easily count the numbers of times I’ve celebrated Halloween on the fingers of a man without fingers, so when I’ve so far been at two Halloween-dinner this year, I’m more than delighted!
It’s beyond doubt, that these gals love Halloween, do you?

Keep Swingin~


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