Party in the Dark

Yours truly went to another shenanigans yesterday, based on the recent holiday of  Halloween.
But this time, it was not based around dinner, but a party.

When I so arrived by automobile to the domains of my friend Valdemar, the lack of light reached my eyes.
The buildings – set in darkness, not even a flickering street light. It went so far, that I even doubted if my mind had fooled me, and I therefore was at the wrong place. However, as I dialed up Valle, I got the simple explanation of the area being struck of a blackout.

So, I joined the small company of close firends (as I was quite early to the party), played some guitar, drank a beer and poured me a lovely drink of Gin and soda-water named “Sprite”, since I had forgotten to bring Tonic-water.
And then, I so sat there, played guitar, while Hitatshi and Valle finished their costumes, in the lone candlelight.

When so more guests arrived, we moved up to the hallroom, were I, Hitatshi and a gal named Frida, took postion at the piano, playing that Honky Tonk in order to give the masses the most of their stay, high quality piano-music, that is. Ehehm.After so another couple of drinks, beer and the return of electricity, the party continued on, and I can say I had a lovely time!
The party continued for my part far beyond midnight, and I’m to be honest not really sure about when I went to bed, but I would guess around somewhen between 1.30 and 3 AM.

I found myself without a proper place to sleep, since both the sofa and the bed were occupied, so I  dropped down into a neat armchair, made my dress jacket into the blanket and drifted of to sleep.
As I then woke up a couple of hours later, after a small stroll to get water, I found to my great amusement a madras  where I so could lay to rest.
A true rockstar way to sleep!
And even though i’m beginning to feel that I’m to old for this ways of sleeping, I’m still young enough to manage.
I remember once in my youth, how I slept over the seatback of a simple wooden chair, haha.

Here you see an AREKU, in 2008 sleeping after a jolly night of gaming, staying up the longest. This is how my dear friends found me the morning after.

How was your Halloween?
And where is the most random place you’ve slept?


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