Let’s just jump to what’s up, a summary:
A while ago, I went to see the new Hunger Games movie together with SaSa and Olivia, and was happily surprised that the movie was very truthful to the book. Once the end credits started rolling, I just wanted to sit there, and watch the next piece.
Besides that, it was nice hanging out with “teh gals” and just casually talk after the movies.

Then, on two Mondays with a week apart, I’ve been at Olivia.
On the first occasion, we made gingerbread man/woman/satanpigs and drank “glögg”! (mulled whine)
The baking was first very typical:

.. but it soon got out of hand, once we (I) tried to play God!

The rest of that day, together with the latest occasion (this past Monday), can best be summarized in one word: GAMING.
See, Olivia just got her 360 and well.. we killed some zombies in (Left4Dead2) and tried to save the world in Gears of Wars.
The worst part is that this made me even more interested in getting a next gen (current gen…..) console!
Oh well, it was very nice!

Speaking of nice, we had rehearsal with Avalinity lately!

We’re working on new songs, three to be precise – and more to come.
K will soon be back as well (she’s currently in Japan!) and we hope to have a very productive 2014!
Please feel free to submit us to any convention near you, as we really would like to come and play where our fans are~ 🙂


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