New Year (and the days after)

Happy New Year!
I know it’s a bit late, but since most of my followers are from Twitter/Instagram/Facebook, you’ve already seen my original greeting once it was more “in the time”. ;D
Anyhow, I felt like writing a bit about New Years Eve, and the days after.

First off, the day after SaSa’s birthday, I caught a cold (that i’m now cured from) that haunted me until around 2th January.
Fortunately, I was way ahead on the recovery at New Years, which I spent with Olivia at her place.

We made a great dinner (look, not chicken!) that was just.. food-coma.

“Fancy indeed!”
The wine is also worth a mention, not the last time I buy this one. It got edge!

After dinner, me and my very elegant host of the night, watched “Alice in Wonderland” (2010), since I’d mention that I haven’t seen that before.
Great film!
My favourite character is easily the Blue Caterpillar, voiced by no else but Snape (;> I mean Alan Rickman)

As the clock reached its arms nearer and nearer the strike of twelve , we went outside with the champagne and awaited the new years arrival.
Much, like any year before, it was not late, nor early. It arrived just precisely when it should.
Hope you all had a great Eve by the way!

In short, it was a very cozy end delicate evening/night/morning (somehow we ended up awake until around 7PM), also day after which we spent mostly by waking up, eat, movie, eat more, and gaming.
I’m very thankful for this whole occasion, to say the least!

So, what have I done during this new years first days?
To be honest, not that surprisingly much.
I’ve played some games, taken it easy. Watched a couple of movies, drawed.
BUT, I’ve been working as well.
Working on new material. FRESH BLOOD.
Working on new outfits for this years activity with the band.
Working on our new live video, that will be released soon.
You can watch the teaser below.
Watching yourself play live is an odd experience, maybe not as odd anymore as it used to, but also inspiring. I can not tell you how much I look forward to soon begin rehearsing again, with K back in the country.
And to perform live!

Anyhow, I shall leave you, for now.
See you soon!


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