SaSa’s Birthday!

Hey people!

Here’s my outfit for chrismtas:

…but we ain’t gonna talk about Xmas today! (But I hope ya’ll had a great one!)

I’m going to give you a little catch-up, starting off with the birthday celebration of SaSa!

So, on the 27th of December, SaSa turned one year older, and this was celebrated with a visit to Lemongrass, a really nice (but expensive) resturant in Malmö, and then some pints at a pub called KB.But before the celebrations, I hanged out at Olivia’s place.

As you see, I looked FAB.
Then the rain destroyed most of it. 😦
The restaurant was marvelous, and I can recommend it if you ever visit Malmö.
After a long dinner with food and dessert (and some sake and cognac, ehehe.) in the good company of bandmembers (sadly not K :<), friends and crew, we saddled up, and rode over to KB, where our throats was about to get satisfied with beer, wine and drinks!
The Classic.

We stayed at the bar until late, before saying good bye, and departing on different paths.
For me and Olivia, that path led to McDonalds and french fries. Mhmm.
Later we headed back to her place, played some Gears of Wars 3 (which we finished the day after), and then fell asleep.

I hope SaSa had a great time, cuz I certainly had!

To end this, here’s another picture of me.


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