Pinhole lens – why (and how) you (should) build one!

Photography is one of my major hobbies. Once a time I used to work very much and often with photography, until music took the upper hand.
However, I do still love to take my gear out and fire some shots. Also, I’m a big fan of DIY.
So why not combine those two?

For those of you who knows your photographic history, the pinhole-camera is nothing new.  And this DIY have been done over and over again throughout history – however, I’m not sure that my fan base might know about it, and here I am to introduce it to you.
But WHY should you build such a simple “lens” like this?
First off – because it’s fun!  Nothing (well, there is some other things..) makes you sleep better at night than knowing that you’ve built something yourself.
Second, the pinhole is such an important part in the history of photography, that anyone who is interested in the artsof photo, should take some time to try it.

Now, HOW?

What you’ll need:
IMG_1834[1]* A body cap for your camera of choice – in my case a Nikon. ‘
* Black tape
* A little bit cardboard
* A needle
* A drill

First, drill a hole in the body cap. Make sure to keep it fairly centered.

IMG_1835[1](very fairly…)

Next step, put a bit of cardboard to cover the hole, and then put some black tape on top of that.
IMG_1837[1]  IMG_1838[1]

Now, time to poke a small hole into the tape and cardboard. You want this as centered as possibly. The size of the hole will determine how much light that hits the sensor/film per second, it functions just like the aperture of any other lens.
You may want to begin with a very small hole, and then experiment your way towards the optimal size.
Remember is that the bigger the hole, the less depth of field.
A very compact “lens”!


So just try! IMG_1841[1]

Here is some shots I took this evening. There is much room for improvement, but indoors at night is not optimal for such a primitive “lens”.

_CSC0590_DSC0595_DSC0604_DSC0610So.. There’s plenty of possibilitys to experiment with this very (VERY) simple little build, and I sure will.

Until next time, here’s our new live-video for you to enjoy, take care!


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