For the case of variation, here is one of those super rare posts about me, myself, or I.
And my band.

Yo, is it Lego-lazz

So, what is this all about?
Yesterday after my lecture at university, I traveled to the far domains of SaSa, who served me some tea.
That’s hospitality folks!
In the company of some (for me) new music, we began making some stuff for the evening.
The evening would bring a  band meeting!

Of course, you also need to cuddle with the house-poodle IGGE!


Later on, Fredrik and K dropped in.
We had a lovely dinner that SaSa had cooked. No wine, since I was to (lazy) busy to go to Bolaget.

Me and K

What was the cause for this occasion then?
That my dear readers, is a mystery. But it will be very entertaining for any Avalin out there once we publish it!

Around 1 o Clock AM = done.

Time to kick back with some movies, ice cream and.. more ice cream.
Me and Freddie ended up awake until around 5AM, doing the usual stuff that guys do;
* pillow-fight
* discussing who’s the cutest boy in school
* and so on~

When so the morning came, it felt lika I’ve slept through the rest of the week and it then would be Saturday.
So’s not the case, but I like to think about it as I’m getting two weekends this week.



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