Why street photography?

Street photo is one field of photography that I’m quite new to. It was first around 2010-2011 that I truly discovered the fun in bringing my camera with me on a stroll through the city. Around the same time, I also discovered the joy o nigh-photo (but that will be another entry later on), so the city gave me two new things.
In this post I will present to you some of the best street snaps I’ve gotten during my strolls.









Why street photography? Well, this art-form gives you a kick in the behind.
You can stand from a distance with a tele-zoom and look like a pervert OR you can pull out that 35/50mm and actually go for it. You will have to get close, and that is what also delivers the best pictures in the long run.

I’ve also had  some of the strangest and funniest conversations with people I’ve met through street photo, and sometimes fellow photo-geeks.
So in case you haven’t tried this before – do it!


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