Let’s jump right to it – march has been a busy month.
University and my band have taken a lot of time, and beside these two, I’ve managed to keep myself busy.
I’m sure that most of my followers on this blog get my everyday updates via Twitter, my Facebook-account, my Instagram or from my Facebook Page, BUT(!) I do think it’s nice to go more in depth here on the blog, or writing of stuff that might attract new readers. I’ve been blogging some on my Swedish blog, but I felt bad for not updating this English blog, especially since I have a lot of posts that I’ve planned.
There’s also plans on getting more active on my YouTube-channel, I can hopefully manage to get that started sometime soon.

So, what have I been up to?
Well, it’s hard to sum it up all in one post, and therefor I will try to get back to more regular posting.
On of the major new things is that I’ve begun designing av producing jewelry under the name “SophistiGance”.

It’s all handmade in the old-school way of crafting, since I want to keep it classical.
Here’s the first teaser CM:

You can also find SophistiGance over at Twitter and Instagram!
Here is recent picture of me, wearing the first design I made:

More info about SophistiGance will be released soon, together with the full sortiment, pricing and how to order. I hope you look forward to it!

I guess some of you wonders whats up with my band Avalinity? Well we’re working, working hard!
We have launched this new series called “Avalinity TV”!
AvalinityTVAVALINITY TV is a new little series of videos from us, starting out with the band members interviewing each other.
So far have Freddie interviewed K, and K have interviewed me. You’ll soon be able to watch me interviewing SaSa as well, and then there’s even more to come!
Our Facebook-page have atm 995 likes, so we’re soon up at the magic 1000, woho! Make sure to spread the link to friends who might appreciate some visual rock in their life.

Also, we’re working on new songs. These are some intense ones, so be ready!

Keep swingin’



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