The light shimmer of nostalgia

It’s raining today. Besides that, it’s a Saturday. Two things that can only be likable, happening at the same time.
Thereby, what could be more suiting for such a rainy Saturday than to play some video games?

I have been wondering to play some of my old, dusty games since a while back,  and the choice this time was GTA:III.
Last time I played was in March 2012, according to the save file.
“I wonder why I didn’t continue?”

The game starts, spinning around in it’s cave of the PS2 disc system.
It’s raining in the game, just like in the world outside my window. How suiting.
The controls are  a little more.. bohemian than what I remember.
But it’ll have to pass.
Or at least that is how I’ll think for half an hour.

Maybe it was just an ill suited day to play, or maybe I’ve become spoiled by all hours with San Andreas.
But to answer the question I asked earlier, why I didn’t continue, is simple.
It is better to let GTA3 remain the game I remember it as, than renewing the memory with what I’m currently experiencing.

I put the game back in the shelve with a slight sense of melancholy.
“Another rainy day”

[The text was previously written for my Swedish blog in 2013. As it rained today, I felt like translating it for ya’ll.]


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