Unfinished songs


This post is about a song. It is also a way for me to temporarily escape the burden of my Business English-finals.
You see in general, it tends to take me between a day and a couple of weeks to complete a song. I know, I know  – a song is rarely fully completed, but you catch my drift. With “completed”, or “done”, I mean that it’s good enough to start rehearse, or even to record.

There’s a couple of songs, like “LOOSER” that I wrote with SaSa, that was pretty much done in one day. Others, like “La Petite Mort” took the usual week. It tends to begins with a riff, a riff that sometimes can be created and never used again for weeks, months, or even years – until you have another riff – and think “These two bugga would sound good together”, and so you’re of filling in the missing pieces, and usually end up with something one could call a song. Or a tune, if you’re like that.

But this isn’t about those, fairly friction-free creations. No, this is about one particular unfinished project that I’ve worked on for ages,
or at least so it feels. It have been a Work in Progress since 2012.
Over the years, I’ve scrapped it, brought it back to life, and then killed it again. Hell, last summer I never thought about it even for once.
But it somehow gets back to my mind one way or another.
Some of the riffs went into different current Avalinity-songs, others was forgotten by me, but not my band members – as they listen to my “brand new ultimate demo!!1!1!” and say “Haven’t you played this before..?”.

Much of what once was, is gone, leaving just a skeleton behind. But that is it’s purpose in some way. A musical skeleton is there for me to dress with organs (pun is kinda intended), flesh, veins and so on, but most of all to remind me of the core value of that song.
It’s hard to say what I want it to become, but I’ll try to narrow it down.
This song, this unfinished song, that is mostly an idea, would be one of the major parts of my legacy. It won’t be radio friendly, it won’t be easily listened to yet not so abstract no one could appreciate it, but instead it would be that song that you put one when you’re awake at 4 AM and questioning your existence. It’s not a song to get you in the mood, neither something to fill the silence with.
This may seem pretentious as fuck, and while I’m quite ambitious or even portrayed as  narcissistic sometimes, I’ll ask you to hear me out.
It wouldn’t be “the perfect song”, because such music doesn’t exist.
Simply it would be that song that connects all the dots of my previous and future works, a piece that wasn’t really expected yet neither shocking.
The last piece to the puzzle.

Maybe this idea is just there to keep me going – it have been proven effective as it indirectly resulted in many riffs used in other different songs.
Anyhow, that’s all. For now.


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